Sunny morning love

Squash flowers, in all their morning glory!

Squash flowers, in all their morning glory!

I’ve just come back in from a morning trek and water of the vege patch. I love going out this time of day to see what has happened over night. I was quite pleased to find two flowers on the squash side by side, both open, clearly male and female and being pollinated by a wandering bee! This especially excited me after recently stumbling upon someone blogging about ‘zucchini sex’, so I had a little giggle and an opportunist snap of the camera. I have see the flowers open at one time or another but had never really noticed the difference between the stamens, until today. So clearly, this morning my squash has been getting a whole lot of nookie with all the bee’s that were around. Yay for more baby squash. See, these are the things that go on in the garden after dark!

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