Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. So much so, that I get really annoyed with myself if I sleep in a don’t have enough time to savour what I’ve made. I generally never skip it, especially if I’m on my way to work.

There is a lot to be said for starting off the day with good food. I tend to find that if I have a good nourishing breakfast, then I’m much less likely to eat rubbish later on. Kind of a theory that if you start well, you end well I suppose. Putting in all that effort makes snacking on junk food unworthy of your time really. Starting of with good protein, fats and vegetables is a great way to curb your appetite until lunchtime.

My favourite breakfast consists of poached eggs, sautéd greens – whatever I have on hand really, I’ll add in mushrooms and red capsicum if I have them in the crisper, avocado, sometimes tomatoes and some Halloumi. I love Halloumi, but don’t often buy it, only because its in a different fridge in my local supermarket and I forget really!

I didn’t have all those things in the photo below, but I top off with some seeds for an extra boost of nourishment and it usually looks a little something like the photo below. You can’t tell me that isn’t appetising surely?


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