It’s just a brownie kind of day

You know how sometimes if you can still yourself for a minute, the stars align and what you really need appears in front of you? I’ve just had one of those moments. Let’s just say, its been a challenging week. I’ve had a family member pass away, have had to navigate the tricky family dynamics to try and keep everyone happy with planning a memorial and in the midst of that, have put my neck out not once, but twice!!! This morning I did it for the second time. Not even a good story, the first time I was washing my hair, this morning I was brushing it. Go figure… Clearly my body is holding onto some serious tension and is trying to slow me down. I really felt this morning when it happened that it was a sign I just needed to stop and smell the roses, unfortunately I was running late for work on a day that I couldn’t call in sick and just had to plough on. Poor me, I know, I know… But today is just one of those days where I will succumb to all that is happening and just eat my emotions. So, onto the stars aligning part of the day… I had sworn off getting on my computer tonight because I just wanted some peace and quiet and a chance to slow down and let the anxiety settle a little, but I got tempted for some reason. I started scrolling through my Facebook news feed and what should pop up, but a healthy-ish brownie recipe! I say healthy-ish because I have no intention of portioning this baby, it will just be eaten. I promise to share with my husband though. With plans for dinner to be cooked that just weren’t happening on their own, I had a sudden burst of energy and went with laptop in hand to the kitchen and threw this baby together. As I said, the stars aligned and it just became a brownie kind of day… Here she is!! IMG_2788 IMG_2789 IMG_2790 You can find the recipe here PS. She was just what I needed!

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