A throw together coconut chicken and mango curry

Coconut Curry
So, a few weeks back while getting ready for work with what I thought was no food in the house, I had my hands on some left over mango from a smoothie and found some chicken thighs in the fridge and had a bright idea!! I really hate eating plain, boring meals and this was my way of jazzing up something that I’d just thrown together which ended up being a really yummy dish that I’ve since replicated! You really should give it a crack. My only recommendation is to add the curry powder to taste, I like it a little more on the strong side and really missed it when I made it the second time and only had one teaspoon left in the container… Oops!
Coconut Mango Chicken Curry
4 chicken thighs, roughly cubed
1 small brown onion, quartered and sliced
1 Tbsp coconut oil
4-5 Tbsp coconut cream from top of unshaken can
2 Tbsp curry powder
1/2 tsp salt flakes
2 Tbsp greek yoghurt
Place coconut oil in a medium to large heavy based pan on medium heat. Add chicken and onion and cook until chicken nearly cooked through and onion soft, will take about 10 mins. No need to turn them brown.
IMG_2888 2
Add the curry powder and stir through until all coated.
IMG_2889Turn heat down to low and add the mango.
IMG_2885 2IMG_2890 2IMG_2893Stir through until starting to soften, then add the coconut cream and stir through to combine.
IMG_2894Once combined, turn the heat off and stir the yoghurt through gently until well combined.
IMG_2895IMG_2896IMG_2901 IMG_2902 IMG_2899Season with salt if still tastes too coconutty or too sweet and serve on jasmine rice, or your chosen grain.
As usual, enjoy!!

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