Hi, I’m Renee.

I’m a Registered Nurse who’s passionate about health and nutrition. I love cooking and gardening and spending time with my fiancé, family and friends like most people do I suppose.

I have a love for life and all that comes with it. I’m big into doing yoga and meditation at home. I have a passion for breaking things down to the core ingredients whether in life or in the kitchen.

We only live once and I think its important to leave the unnecessary preservatives out and keep it fresh. I think our grandparents had most of it right, but the generations since have mucked with the recipe and got things a little off balance. So, I’m here to share some of the things that I do and cook and hopefully to inspire some of those things in your life, for you to share with those around you. After all, its the little things that can make all the difference. To leave my mark on this world, I want to help people return to healthy living, one step at a time.

Feel free to jump in a comment and add your bit to what I publish, but only the positive stuff thanks, the real world is harsh enough without ruining the little one I’m trying to create here. 

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